York University has cancelled the A$AP Rocky concert at York Fest as a result of allegations of an assault against a woman that is currently being held before a U.S court.

The York Federation of Students released this statement:

The A$AP Rocky performance at the YorkFest Concert, scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 18, has been cancelled after the York Federation of Students Board of Directors learned of allegations of an assault against a woman that are currently before a U.S. court. The Board of Directors has decided that this event cannot proceed until this matter is resolved.  This decision should not be construed as suggesting that the YFS has any knowledge of the incident, or has a view on the innocence or guilt of the artist. 

The cancellation of an event, which has been painstakingly planned for months, is a difficult decision for the YFS.  We apologize to our members who planned to attend the event and are trying to organize another concert for next week. We invite you to the many events planned for YorkFest this year.

Contact Info:President Jessica Thyriar

Email: president@yfs.ca


Mobile: 416.732.6397

Do you agree with the YFS’ decision to cancel the YorkFest Concert?

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