1. Talk to anyone you can

Talk to the quiet guy sitting at the back. Talk to the loud girl sitting at the front. Talk to every peer you can. You never know who could have a connection to someone who could potentially make your career.

2. Budget your money

Budget your money wisely. Chances are, you’re already in student debt. An $8 lunch every day is unnecessary, costly, and unhealthy. Try buying a loaf of bread and lean meat for the same price; it will last you for the week. Pack your own lunches!

3. Join a student group that matters

Join student groups that actually give back to the community. Employers may choose the person who volunteered with the elderly over a person who was part of a sorority/fraternity.

4. Avoid pulling all-nighters

All-nighters rarely result in a good grade. Start a few days, a week, even a few weeks early. Anything is better than studying at 4 am before an exam.

5. Find a hobby

Find a hobby. Whether it be writing, art, working out, or watching movies. A few hours of stress release every few days is healthy.

6. It’s about who you know

Network. Attend as many networking opportunities your university offers. The people you meet may be at the other side of the desk during one of your interviews in the future.

7. Everyone knows you can use Microsoft Office

Don’t bother wasting space in the “Skills” section of your resume on “thorough understanding of Microsoft Office”. Use that space on more unique qualities that the majority of other applicants wouldn’t also have as a skill on their resume.

8. Apply for different jobs

Apply for jobs that may not interest you at first. Who knows, you may end up loving it. If nothing else, its extra diversity on your resume.

9. It’s okay to fail – just learn from it!

It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to fail that exam. Post-secondary is a learning process. It’s extra motivation to do better next time.

10. It’s more than just marks

Employers will care more that you have strong interpersonal skills over a 4.5 GPA any day. Build your ability to think on the spot and charm your way into a getting the job. But a 4.5 GPA wouldn’t hurt.

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Felicia Liu
Toronto. Commerce student at Ryerson University. Tree hugger. www.instagram.com/felicialiu